Zayed University Interactive Media Lab

The ZU-IML adopted a fab/living lab approach as a research, software development and teaching environment. The aims is to bridge three different research communities silos: software and systems engineering, innovation management and sustainability design. It offers a unique platform for innovation by user experience design, design thinking and user research as a holistic approach for sustainable, yet secure and usable software-intensive systems. Our lab offers a set of tools that cover in an integrative manner the whole engineering and innovation lifecycle and in particular, we are supporting the following key activities that are the essence of the Enroll business and research statement:

As shows in the following figure, our lab is a unique place for investigating innovation from three perspectives of interaction between:

At the bottom of our living Fab Lab, three technological platforms we are building (located in Abu Dahbi Campus Mail Side): 

ZU-IML is also engaged in the re-design of two new facilities for teaching various HCI, software engineering and programming courses: